2 Further Senior Academy Players to participate in Academy’s Coaching Program


2 Further Senior Academy Players to participate in Academy’s Coaching Program.

ESSA FC are proud to welcome Chris Reckner and Jake Bierhorst to the Academy’s coaching Education program.

Both Chris and Jake will start as junior coaches and will embark on their coaching badges supported and funded by the Academy, starting on their grassroots Licence. They will also have close working relationships with the coaching team at the Academy learning how to deliver the Academy’s philosophy to our junior players.

It is the Academy’s intention to not only deliver a pathway to a professional soccer career or scholarship, but to also provide a solid foundation in other areas of soccer to fully prepare our players with the tools they will need in the future.

It is the philosophy of most Academies in Europe to provide a coaching education to the players supported by the academies and the Professional Footballers’ Association (The PFA). Not only does it provide further education for the player, it further develops an understanding and a different angle to develop the player in other areas of their soccer career.

We will encourage all our senior Academy players to follow this opportunity as and when the Academy feels the timing is right for the senior player.

ESSA FC has a core philosophy that recognizes duty to support the local soccer community within selected projects and programs. It is important to ESSA to enable the Academy and its members to be within the heartbeat of the soccer community and share experiences with groups that the center can support.


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