Welcome to The ESSA Academy

The philosophy is at the heart of the academy and underpins the focus, direction and DNA of the academy. The academy was created to enable young soccer players the opportunity to access outstanding facilities within an elite multi–disciplined environment. The academy will provide outstanding coaches that will look at the individual and support their development with clear understanding of the requirements needed for the modern day soccer player. The framework has been implemented from understanding the technical, physical, emotional intelligence and game craft needed by a player that is paramount to enabling the individual to achieve an advanced level of performance. Players can expect to receive honest feedback within the coaching programme that through specific testing opportunities enable the individual to map across current development to expectations and objectives of the standards required at the appropriate age, level at academy. The academy aims to create a best to best connection with the individual – coach – environment.

The academy adopts a systematic approach to correlate the delivery and produce an assessment pathway that enables all players to receive in depth coaching that will then be assessed to generate a clear outcome. This then allows coaches and players to establish specific accomplishments and what areas are required for ongoing improvement to enable completion at a later date. This allows the player to be part of the journey and really supports an individual to take greater ownership of their current level and what can be improved upon to continue their own journey.

Team ESSA Academy

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Will Durant