CFU Cup – Demonstrates Player Development


CFU Cup Ocala FL

Well done to all attending players of TSYSA ESSA U14 & U10 who fought the weather and challenges throughout the CFU Cup over the weekend at the Big Sun Complex in Ocala – minus the “Big Sun” showing and warming up the fields for the entire weekend, with temperatures reaching at it’s highest mid 50’s.

U14 Boys were undefeated throughout the 2 day tournament and went on to win the Finals in a PK finish – Champions 🏆 and well earnt 🙌

U10 Co-ed fought hard during all games, losing by just 1 goal to reach the gold finals – technically impressive 👌

Playing the correct way over playing to solely win has been the core of these players development. What is identified during these games is not only technical improvements but also tactical, physical and psychological. 

All areas players are required to work on week in; week out. Congratulations to all players on being creative, expressing yourselves and your own personal growth achievements.


Thank you Coaches for your continued good work ; Thank you to all parents & supporters for traveling and dedicating your weekend to make this possible. #playerdevelopment #youthdevelopment #youthsoccer #soccer #personaldevelopment



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