Ebonys Tree



“Thank you to all that participated in our Christmas Appeal”

Ebony has been busy shopping for thoughtful gifts with funds raised that she hopes will be enjoyed and make Christmas special for children selected from ‘Santa’s Tree’ organised by San Antonio Citizen Federal Credit Union this year – fulfilling wish lists for children within the programs of Restored Hope, Samaritan Project & Thomas Promise within our community.

From diapers, Barbie dolls and trains to new clothes and basket balls, making wishes come true this Christmas.

With surplus donations she was also able to purchase a Christmas bag of groceries through Save a lot program, putting food on the table for another family.

Thank you all & wishing you a Merry Christmas

– Ebony Robinson


Credits: video creation directed by Ebony



Ebony Robinson “Ebs”  is a very outgoing and bubbly young lady suffering from Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A.T.). Ebony has an infectious giggle and a fantastic sense of humour.

Eager to try her hand at almost anything despite the obvious difficulties she encounters and her passion for giving back, raising awareness and an active ambassador of the A.T. Society.

She enjoys to watch her local football team in England AFC Bournemouth and taking on new Challenges!

Ebony is a loving and empathetic, who has a real zest for life and other people.

This Christmas she will be teaming up with ESSA Families in hosting “Ebony’s Tree”

Ebony’s Tree will be decorated with donated bauble/ ornaments from each donor along with a donation.

During the week of Dec 2nd – 6th. ** Last day to donate is Friday 6th. **


Ebony’s Tree will be at the reception for the month of December and through each hanging bauble will signify the generous donors within the community we are proud to be part of.

Merry Christmas !!!

Eb’s & ESSA



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