PlayerTek partners with ESSA #PlaySmart


ESSA are proud to Partner with PlayerTek as part of the Academy’s continual invest to support our players soccer journeys. #PlaySmart

Global Positioning System technology has been used in professional sport for some time, in both training sessions and during competition. Through the use of Electronic performance and Tracking System (EPTS) devices, teams can track player’s movement on the pitch and collect vast amounts of data on their performance; such as their running speed, distance run, their position on the pitch, their heart rate and their body’s work rate.

However, GPS is not only used to track a player’s health and fitness. The value of the data collected through these EPTS devices goes beyond that. This data can also map a player’s positioning on the pitch to help identify the most frequent spaces covered and provide insights on how well various areas were utilized. This can then provide a valuable source of information to adapt training and development of specific players according to their physical and tactical needs.

The type of data captured by the GPS trackers can vary largely by provider and the needs of the team using the data. As with most areas in performance analysis, the data captured by GPS needs to be used and analysed appropriately in the context of the sport, athlete or situation. An isolated data point can only provide very little insight on what is really happening, if any at all. This is why the use of GPS metrics require the combination of multiple variables in order to obtain a complete picture. For instance, two athletes may run the same distance at the same average speed, but taking a look at heart rates or speed intervals can provide a closer look into their fitness and amount of amount of load each body is taking to deliver that outcome. The most common data point being collected are:

Total distance covered

Average running speed

Total running distance (high pace)

Total sprinting distance (full speed sprinting)

Average acceleration time

Average deceleration time

Heart rate (to identify athlete’s work rate)

Positioning on the field

Time of high intensity play

Time of low intensity play

Athlete’s load (the demand on an athlete’s body)

G-Force / impact data (for impact sports like rugby)

Catapult / PlayerTek  Partners with: Bayern Munich FC, Paris Saint Germain FC, Wales Rugby, NFL’s Steelers, Liverpool FC, Celtic FC, Wigan Athletic FC and Malmo FF,  amongst others.




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