An experience of a lifetime” was quoted by all of my players. This comment really stood out to me that despite only being u16, to understand and recognise that this opportunity, potentially could be the most memorable and greatest football adventure they ever will have.

The exposure that the players received were ones that they will cherish forever. From meeting with Premier League players and managers to competing against strong English opposition such as AFC Bournemouth, Southampton, Yeovil and QPR was a fantastic chance for players from the US to really compare and contrast their own ability to those in the UK. On the flip side, it allowed the UK based teams to see where they fit in against foreign opposition… something both teams will rarely get to do at their ages.

Aside from the football, the social interaction and international friendships that have been made between the players ultimately recapitulate an underlying purpose for the tour that can often be overlooked when initially planning the event. It is my interest to now return the favour and get the UK based clubs across to the US for an event that has not been done before – an international festival of football that helps bring the world together.

ESSA FC are honoured to be in a position to be able to provide such opportunities for its’ players and staff.

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