3v3 Live Soccer Tournament May 11th

3v3 Live Soccer Tournament May 11th

We are extremely excited to announce ESSA be hosting a 3v3 Live Soccer Tournament at our home fields on May 11th 

We are excited and looking forward to a fantastic event. Not only do we have an awesome 3v3 tournament planned, but many other additional activates for players in-between or after games as well.

The Final championship games will be played in our indoor Academy on  turf fields!!!

So put a team together today and come out for a great time

You will have to register and play in the team bracket of your oldest player. We would recommend trying to comprise a team of same birth year players or maybe 1 year difference in combined years.

For more info on the tournament or to register visit ->  https://www.3v3live.com/zephyrhills

For FAQ’s about 3v3 or 3v3 Live visit -> https://www.3v3live.com/faq

For all other questions please contact Dave at 816-260-5087

or dave@elitesoccerskillsacademy.com



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