Games Program

ESSA is a Player Centered Development Academy, providing English Professional Coaching. The Academy’s aim is to create an environment that enables players to develop the key principles for reaching their highest potential in soccer development.

ESSA Development program will include:

Selected teams and age groups to participate, will be subject to the level of competition. This will assure that our players will be on the right environment, as outlined from our philosophy, to be able to express themselves and apply the exposure on every game toward their continued individual development.

International experiences in the format of friendly fixtures arranged against Premier League and Football League opposition Academy teams at certain times of the year. The selection of teams will be at our discretion in order to give the players the proper level of competition.”



Foundation Phase games are played locally, usually on weekends, and will include tournaments and selected leagues and academies who share the same philosophy as us about player development. The focus in this phase is fun and developing mastery of the ball, as well as a basic game understanding and development.

Games take place on age-appropriate fields. Matches are small-sided games for each age group.

Game Format:

U8: 3 v 3, 5 v 5
U9: 3 v 3, 5 v 5 or 7 v 7
U10: 7 v 7


The Youth Development Phase games program will usually be played at weekends with selected leagues and academies, and may include tournaments throughout the season. Games will be arranged both locally and on a regional basis, and may be involved in national and international competitions.
Subject to fitness, in the U11 and U17 age groups, players will play in at least 20 authorised games per year and participate in at least 50% of the game time.

The focus in this phase is on building technical skills, game understanding and tactical awareness.

Game Format:
U11: 9 v 9
U13onwards: 11 v 11


The Professional Development Phase aims to prepare the player for semi or professional life in Soccer. Depending on age and ability they will transition into a Professional Development and identification League. More information and important news on this will follow in the up and coming days.
This phase will bridge the gap from youth to senior football with a range of League games and tournaments and selected high standard academies as well as a pathway into the semi and professional leagues.

All games programs and fixtures will be at the coaches’ discretion


Fitness testing 2 weeks before the start of season

Program in line with EPL (English Premier League) Academies.

Inline individual Analytical fitness data tests in line with EPL Academy’


Thank you all again for the work that you’re doing, not only with my son, but also with all of the young people at ESSA. Sure it’s a business, but the kindness, patience, and genuiness that’s shown for the development of the youth at ESSA has been superior! 

Sincerely, Miyoshia Plummer 

Each week that passes, I am reminded why we made the decision to come to ESSA. More than proving top notch training for these kids, you truly care about their  professional and personal development as well as their well being

Dave Fulk

Thank you again for everything your doing for my girls, the smiles on their faces and wanting to live at the academy means so much, she may just bring her sleeping bag.

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