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Where Players Come First.

At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for education, development and our commitment to our players.

ESSA is an Exclusive Indoor Air Conditioned / Outdoor Player Development Soccer facility, offering Indoor turf fields & Outdoor Soccer fields.
Also offering state of the art training technology within the facility as used by Barcelona, Liverpool, Southampton and other European Premiership Clubs.
The aims of ESSA, is to create an environment that enables players to develop the key principles in becoming an elite performer. We link best to the best and provide European Professional coaching to support a player on their soccer pathway.

Utilizing experiences, qualifications and industry understanding to provide an individual approach to player development with real focus on improving the technical, physical, emotional intelligence and game understanding of young players. This unique Academy provides opportunity to receive the depth of delivery that is required to realize any potential.

The Academy has developed a systematic approach to player development. Through a detailed advanced coaching cycle players receive in depth coaching through varied methodology and session structures. We believe players then require forms of assessments that can inform and direct progressions. We provide detailed feedback and reflection that underpins ongoing sessions and continues to lay foundations for the player pathways.

This process creates an environment where players look to maintain their place within the Academy as well as players striving for opportunities within the center.

Our philosophy has demonstrated a wide range of success in player performance, player development and personal qualities.

Through highly qualified UEFA Pro licenced coaches (highest world soccer coaching qualification) we have embedded the “FA DNA” which is consistent with our beliefs that the player is at the center of the journey, and by utilizing technical, physical, psychological and social corners we can really influence the person and player with consistent knowledge that is required of the modern day player.

7 Academy DNA pillars

  • Competitive environment – The academy specializes in the individual, this is evident very early in the session. The arrival activity is individualized and the tempo, expectations, feedback and interaction within the session allow the player to perform to a high standard and really take pride in their own performance.
  • Individual focused delivery – The ethos of the academy is the individual is at the center of the delivery and journey. This bespoke service really enables players to understand where they currently are within their game, what the focus of delivery is in relation to their game and how they can achieve the required expectation. All generated from development and evident in overall performance.
  • Technically driven excellence – The structure of the syllabus is really focused on the technical demands of the modern game. As a result the delivery and sessions generated connect the individual to the game, with great emphasis to become technically outstanding.
  • Outstanding basics – As the academy fulfills a multi-disciplined approach there is real emphasis on general outstanding fundamentals. This maybe movement patterns related to the game, cognitive understanding and thought processes, emotional intelligence to fulfill the demands of elite performance and personality of the player.
  • Coach ability to individualization – The academy delivers a relevant and professional service to support the player. This requires players to want to be part of that journey. Do they want to engage in development? Can they retain information? Are they proactive with their own performance? Can they be resilient and understand disappointment whilst striving for achievement?
  • Reflection driven – The systematic approach enables regular dialogue and feedback generated. Players receive honest feedback that can support short and long term goals. Evidence of performance is needed to be part of the players understanding and to strive to develop.
  • Personal expectations – Part of the academy is to develop people. Can the player gain greater life skills, performance tools to enhance preparation and post recovery. We want our players to strive to improve all forms of their personality and value the great opportunity they have within the academy and as young people that are at the very early staged of their careers.

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