We aim to develop technically excellent players with the skills and attributes to excel in international soccer. Future players will have the ability to create, score and prevent goals through excellence in:

Receiving skills | Turning skills | Travelling with the ball | Aerial ability | Attacking and defending skills | Finishing skills | Passing over varying distances


We aim to develop future players with the psychological skills and strategies to shape a winning culture and mentality.

We aim to develop reflective, resourceful and resilient players who display outstanding:

Confidence | Creativity | Concentration | Communication | Control | Commitment


We aim to develop future National & International Players who possess outstanding physical and athletic skills in the following areas:

Agility | Balance | Coordination | Power | Flexibility | Strength | Recovery Speed | Endurance | Physical Resilience | Nutrition and Lifestyle


We aim to develop future players who display outstanding social skills across the following areas:

Behaviour | Reflection | Teamwork Relationships | Accountability |  Responsibility | Independence

Please note: some of the attributes listed may not be applicable to individual impairment specific versions of the game.

Elite Coaching / CPD (Continual Professional Development)

ESSA are delighted to offer managers, coaches, volunteers and parents opportunities to access in house courses and Soccer clinics. We deliver theoretical and practical aspects of soccer that can help educate coaches and parents which are all transferable to players. These development opportunities prove to be hugely valuable in helping adults develop key knowledge that can then support players enjoyment, development and improvement.

Strength & Conditioning

As an Academy that embraces a multidisciplinary approach we take real pride in providing detailed individual support around the key roles in strength and conditioning. As part of our coaching programme players receive regular guidance with components that support the overall physical demands for the developing player. This is seen through players in the maturation phase, specialised support, pre and post performance. Our approach to the players understanding of dietary requirements, hydration, pre hab and recovery is at the very heart of developing the person. These core values are key in the person understanding the demands of performance whilst progressing as a person.


Recruitment within any advanced programme is key to establish the best environment possible. Through regular training and match observations we strive to continually assess players internally and externally. We provide a scouting opportunity to observe, select and recruit players we believe could enhance the academy and benefit from its bespoke approach. Scouting and talent I D is key to performance and we fulfil this aspect of the game with great care, attention and professionalism.

Community Programs

Through the clear links with Premier League AFC Bournemouth’s Community Trust, and our coaches experiences within community programmes we are delighted to support local programmes that can only enhance the opportunities of players, parents, teams and coaches. We deliver regular camps, clinics, events, tours and even International exchange projects. We value our role in the community and enjoy the many collaborative involvements within this special area.

Coaching in Schools / Education

The academy takes real pride in enhancing the Soccer education of its players. This is mirrored and reinforced by how we value the overall academic education of our players. We conduct regular school coaching sessions and through regular dialogue with the local education providers we support the importance of our players within education. We take a real interest in our players within the schools programme and are regular visitors as coaches with schools leading into college soccer.

Advanced Delivery

ESSA provide a bespoke advanced delivery for advanced players, preparation for games and for players in transition to the next stage of their development. The advanced delivery draws down professional experiences to help create individual areas of improvement that clearly support the journey into advanced performances. This service can also provide in depth guidance to teams that are preparing for games and tournaments. At ESSA we utilize current professional trends, equipment and training to really enable players to access the very best in delivery to help reach those achievable goals.

Grass Roots

As part of our Academy philosophy we recognise our duty of care to support the community within projects and selected programmes. Is is important that we can enable the academy to be within the heartbeat of the soccer community and share experiences with groups that the center can support. Through our local relationships we regularly observe players, games and school soccer and view this as a key aspect of identifying players for the Academy whilst transferring our knowledge and ability to the local community. With our strong links to English Premier league AFC Bournemouth we are excited to share many projects with the local soccer community that will enhance the players, coaches, parents and schools soccer.